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As a business owner, when did you last ask yourself if what you’re doing is actively helping or supporting the life you want? If you want your business to fit your life, then you need to start looking at your systems from a holistic perspective. If I’m being brutally honest, I don’t think pause and […]

How to Create Systems from a Holistic Perspective

It’s time to shake things up a little over here with a fellow Ops friend, Brooke Scott, MBA, of Agency 23. Today we’re diving into how to use lean problem solving to optimize your business ops. As business owners, we are told time and again that we should be constantly looking for ways to optimize […]

Optimize your business operations through lean problem solving

One of the best kept secrets in Gmail is the email alias, also known as an alternate email address. Learn how to setup an alias in Gmail in this post.

How to Create a Gmail Alias

Check out the 3 team call types to have that won’t have your team feeling like “this should have been an email”.

3 Types of calls to have with your team

Ready to start thinking about closing up for the holidays? Here’s 4 tips for how to get out of the office.

4 tips to prepare your business to close for the holidays

Check out the 6 books I recommend all online business owners should read to help uplevel your role, manage your finances, and grow your team.

6 Business books to read this year

In this post are the top 5 most read blog posts from 2020. And surprise surprise, they’re all about creating systems and the tools to use for running your business.

The blog posts you loved most this year

Back in the day when I was designing websites, clients were communicating with me everywhere. I thought by giving my clients the freedom to communicate with me however they wanted it would serve them the best. I was wrong.

3 Tools to simplify communication with your team and clients

I broke up with Dubsado after 4 years. Since 2016, I have used the CRM for my own business, launched multiple courses about how to use the platform, and set up countless accounts for clients. I literally have a t-shirt from an event I was a part of that says “Team Dubsado.” So why did I break up with Dubsado? Keep reading to find out and to see why I chose Honeybook.

My 3 favorite things about HoneyBook

One of the beliefs at Lux + Vita is that a system needs to work for you and not me. But to go deeper than that, you need to document your processes so you can better serve your clients and team, and ultimately your own sanity. Here’s three reasons you need to document the processes in your business.

3 Reasons you need to document the processes in your business

Grab the Readiness Assessment to determine if you’re ready to add a Project or Operations Manager to your team.

Take your time back

Grab the Readiness Assessment to determine if you’re ready to add a Project or Operations Manager to your team.

Take your time back