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3 Easy Automations to Setup Today


I know I might be a bit biased here as an OBM, but certain automations should always be a non-negotiable in a business.

If you’re like me and are always curious about what everyone else’s behind the scenes setups look like, I’ve got 3 easy automations to tell you about.

Lead management 

The moment someone hits that magical “Submit” button on your contact form, you’ve got to acknowledge their inquiry. It’s a small step that can make a big impact. If you’re like me and most of my clients, we want to review who’s getting in touch before having them hop on a call with us. Our time is too previous to spend with someone who we know we won’t be a good fit for. And vice versa.

So what do you do?

Send them an automated email, letting them know that their message has landed safely and that you’ll be reviewing it pronto.

This email can also be your chance to share a link to your services guide. Which gives them a sneak peek (or a friendly reminder) of what you offer.

Now, if we’re really going for efficiency (and we are), let’s take it up a notch.

I’m not one to hang out in my inbox all day, but I am in Slack all day. Here’s where Zapier, the automation wizard kicks in.

Set it up to send a notification to your Slack #sales channel, complete with all the juicy details from the lead. That way, you can swiftly assess the inquiry without missing a beat (or getting sucked into your inbox).

Super bonus tip: Add a step to add the lead to your lead tracker (mine’s in Airtable).

Screenshot of Zapier workflow for new leads

Client offboarding

This one’s a bit of a dark horse in the world of automations, but trust me, it’s worth the spotlight. I recently wrote an email about the process I’ve set up for clients when they’re offboarding their own clients.

You can dive into the details right here.

In a nutshell, the process includes:

  • An offboarding email with clear next steps
  • A request for that all-important testimonial feedback
  • A thoughtful client offboarding gift
  • A few friendly check-in emails down the road

It’s all about leaving a lasting impression and nurturing those client relationships, even as you part ways.

Invoicing and call reminders

Getting paid should be a breezeā€”and with the right automations, it definitely can be. Want to learn how to leverage Honeybook and what types of invoicing you can automate so you no longer have to chase down payments. Read how to do that here.Ā 

Now, for automating your call calendar, I love using the HoneyBook scheduler.

This gives your clients the option to schedule their meeting times and dates, at a time that works best for them. It also eliminates the ping-pong emails trying to find a suitable time (especially when factoring in timezones).

Then, once a client selects a meeting time, the scheduler syncs seamlessly with your calendar. This ensures that you’re always on top of your appointments, preventing any scheduling conflicts.

It also sends automated reminders to both you and the client as the meeting approaches, giving clients an easy opportunity to reschedule the call, if needed.

By weaving these essential automations into your workflow, you’re not just saving timeā€”you’re elevating your client interactions, maintaining financial stability, and strategically advancing your business.

Need help elevating your automations? Book an Implementensive here, and letā€™s make it happen.

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