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How to prepare yourself to hire a business manager


Have you been feeling like a bottleneck in your business?

Business became really exciting when you started getting booked out, had client’s rave about their projects and send referrals your way, and marketing was flowing.

And then, you got too busy

It’s hard to admit, but you’ve missed some emails, you haven’t followed up with your leads, and your processes became a bit of a hot mess since you’re so focused on keeping up with your clients.

Not to mention, your brain feels like mush trying to keep everything straight and organized. 

This might be (read: definitely is) a good indication that it’s time to recruit help.

Since you’re here, you know the difference between hiring an OBM and a VA, but in case you’re new, I’ll give you a quick breakdown so you know what you need…

A VA (Virtual Assistant) is a task-doer.

This means you would know exactly what you need and give them the direction to complete the task. They’re the ones who assist you in completing tasks.

An OBM (Online Business Manager) is a strategic partner in your business.

As an OBM, I focus on strategy, help my clients run their business more effectively and efficiently, and help them manage their team. I’m heavily invested in their business success, and that’s why my clients stick with me for YEARS (as of 2024 I have several hitting 5 years with me).

An OBM ensures nothing is falling through the cracks so the backend of your business is as well-oiled as your creative work. 

Now, are you wondering if you’re ready to hire an OBM in your business? I put together a checklist for you to access HERE.

But I also wanted to pull a few of my favorite (and most important) questions out for you to start thinking about if you’ve been considering hiring operational support…

Are you ready to hand off the day-to-day operations to a Business Manager?

Sounds simple, but most people would rather white knuckle their way through business with a load of stress, doing it all themselves than trust someone else. But remember, you’re hiring an EXPERT. Trust is the foundation of that hire.

Do you pay yourself consistently and generate at least $8k per month consistently?

$8k is a rough baseline, but you should consider all your existing expenses, including what you pay yourself, and factor in how adding in another team member would stand financially. Again, my clients typically work with me for years (my average is 4 years, right now), so it’s not a quick fix, it’s a long-term partnership to help your business thrive and grow sustainably. 

Do you currently have a team with designated roles?

Part of what I excel at is helping manage your team. If you have team members, or as you look to expand, I provide the support your team needs to be successful, from training and onboarding to ongoing management.

What tasks are you looking to outsource?

There is a lot that an OBM can bring to the table, but you should know what you personally need before hiring. Think of the back-end tasks that you struggle with, dislike, and are the bottleneck with. And don’t forget to remind yourself that you weren’t meant to do EVERYTHING in your business.

If these questions are getting your thoughts churning, download the readiness guide here! 

If you’re looking for support, click here to get in touch. We can schedule a time to chat about your needs, and I’ll let you know when my next opening is.

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