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How to have effortless invoicing using HoneyBook


I think we can all agree that there’s nothing like getting paid without any hassle. 

Having effortless invoicing is literally every business owners dream.

This is why I can’t recommend Honeybook’s autopay enough so you can streamline your billing process for maximum efficiency.

First things first, if you’re not already using autopayments in your business, you’re not alone. But trust me, once you do, you’ll never go back.

With Honeybook, you can easily set up your invoices and ensure that your payments are processed automatically on the dates and terms you specify—which is crucial for constituent cash flow.

Now, I know there are other tools that are similar to Honeybook, like Dubsado, but here’s where Honeybook pulls ahead. 

You can set up automatic payments in any of the following ways:

Invoice Date: Payment lands in your account on the day you send the invoice—no more waiting around.

Custom Date: Set a unique payment due date that matches your business rhythm.

Smart Date: Align payments with either the invoice date or the project start date, so it’s as intuitive as your favorite app.

Mid-Project Date: Split payments evenly, with one due halfway between the invoice and the project start date.

Project Date: Payment arrives on the date your project officially kicks into gear.

But there’s one more option in the toolbox:

Milestone Payments: This one’s a game-changer. Milestone payments let you tie payments to specific project milestones or deliverables. It’s like having your own payment symphony that follows the tempo of your projects. Check out the screenshot below to see it in action.

Screenshot of HoneyBook payment schedule feature

No matter how you want to get paid, Honeybook can make it happen.

By weaving autopay and customizable payment scheduling into your invoicing routine, you can:

  • Streamline your financial operations (hello, peace of mind!)
  • Bid farewell to the tiresome payment chase
  • Ensure both you and your clients enjoy a smoother billing experience

If you’re ready to explore more of HoneyBook’s features or just want to chat about optimizing your invoicing process, I’m here for you. Feel free to reach out anytime, and let’s make your business operations as smooth as possible.

Cheers to effortless billing!

PS. Want to learn more about what I love about HoneyBook? Check out this post.

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