Left brain support for right brain creatives




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Left brain support for right brain creatives

We keep you creating by handling the operations side of your business

Running a business involves ample moving parts, and every single part requires your attention.

From managing your team and generating leads, to keeping track of client projects, marketing your business, and making sure everything is running smoothly, it can get overwhelming quickly.

The good news? It’s also where our team thrives.

We love giving your business a deep clean and strategic reorganization, so you can finally start closing out tasks (in Asana, of course) and your clients can start celebrating their wins with you sooner!

The truth is, your business begins to really excel the moment you put all your focus into what you’re really good at — and let a team of experts handle the rest.

It’s what has helped our clients move from being overworked + overwhelmed to doubling their client roster and increasing their revenue by 150%. 

It’s time to bring in a wing woman who can handle the admin side so you can get back to the creative work you love.

Let me backup, during the first few years of Lux & Vita, I supported my clients as a designer which turned into me opening a second branch of my business to become their virtual assistant. 

I found that when I’d ask my design clients about their contract forms and inquiry processes, they had none. I knew there was a better way to optimize their client’s experience with automations and CRMs, so I’d do it for them. Before I knew it, I had a client roster of 20 clients, and several of whom had multiple businesses.

I began to notice that my clients needed more than just a task ticker. They needed higher-level support from someone who understood the ins and outs of running a creative business, and as it turned out, I was already doing OBM work and labeling myself as a VA.

Upon that realization, I immediately pivoted my business into what it is now — online business management for the people who light me up the most, creatives. 

There’s nothing I love more than helping creative entrepreneurs, like you, build simple, organized, and thoughtful businesses that work for you (yes, even if you’re not a ‘tech person’).

My love for tech was brought to light in the confusion of contact forms.


Hey, I’m Liz!

There is an art to creating the perfect systems for you, one that’s based entirely on how you want to show up for your clients, and we’ve mastered it.

With my background in running my own design business, I bring a natural and strategic way of thinking into your business of how I’m able to help you set up your processes, timeline, workflows, and more that work for the type of business you want to run.

We believe in good workflows that create a balance between automations and a personalized client experience, so your people are still getting you — just a less stressed and overwhelmed version.

Our goal is to create simple, sustainable systems that give you the freedom to grow your business while bringing consistency, organization, and fun to the things that weigh you down.

Lux & Vita (pronounced luxe and veeta), is latin for light and life.


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Whether you’d ‘love to’ cut down your overwhelming task list, learn how to delegate, take the stress off of hiring your team, or start streamlining your client process — start the conversation, and we’ll discuss what getting the right support looks like for you! 

Let us take the wheel while you work ON your business instead of just IN it.