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How to pivot your services


Question. Are #FridayIntroductions still a thing?

I mean, the other day on Instagram I did a #WednesdayWelcome post with some super fun photos (you should totally check the post out and follow if you aren’t already!).

It’s always fun to share an introduction every once in a while, not just to let new followers know some fun facts about you, but to remind current followers who you are.

The other big reason I love doing these introductions is because it’s an easy way to remind people what you do and who you serve. This is a huge win especially if you’re like me and you recently pivoted your services.

One of the best things about owning your own business is that you can make pivots along the way.

I mean, Lux + Vita originally started out as Golden Poppy Design (betcha didn’t know that!) and I offered graphic design services. From there I not only changed my business name, but I pivoted to offering brand + web design after I learned more about the importance of a well-designed website and intentionally crafted brand.

During a couple of my last website projects I got asked by those clients how to setup Dubsado and if there was any way we could continue working together in any capacity. It was during these conversations I became interested in shifting to virtual assistance.

From here I became a virtual assistant but… that too didn’t last long. As I served my clients as their VA, I noticed they were needing more than just a VA. They needed holistic support from someone who understood the ins and outs of running a design business.

I’ve learned that business owners like you, need more than just someone to complete tasks. They need someone who will help them get out of the weeds so they can step into the CEO role of their business, and do the things only they can do. They needed an high level support, like an Operations Manager. Which is the primary capacity I serve my clients in today.

There are many reasons why you should pivot your business, and Elle Druin shares 5 really great questions you should ask before you pivot. Personally, my top 2 reasons for why you should pivot your business are:

  1. You’re no longer loving exactly what you’re offering or you’re offering too many things
  2. You’re not being hired for everything you offer

If you’re considering making a pivot in your business, take some time to ask yourself “why” you want to and how you’ll be able to better serve your clients if you pivot.

How to pivot in your business

As business owners we’re not often taught or always encouraged to pivot in our business. I mean over the last few years I’ve changed from brand + website design to being OBM. That’s one heck of a pivot.

The main reason for the shifts was because I listened to those I was serving.

Each pivot I made was because I was listening to my clients. I was listening to not just what they were saying, but how they were feeling about the problems they had.

The more I listened the more I realized that what I was offering was only reaching the surface of their needs. Which is when I came up with a plan for how I could solve those deeper problems.

What to do when you pivot

Once you’ve decided to pivot, there’s a couple things you’ll want to do to make sure you’re reaching the right people and that you’re keeping your current clients and audience up-to-date.

  1. Update your website — this is a big one, you want to make sure that your services page is updated, but that the rest of the copy on your site is too. Double check the copy on your homepage, about page, even your contact page/form. It’s important to make sure you’ve updated everything so that you can start getting ideal clients for your new offering.
  2. Update your opt in — if you’ve shifted who you serve or what you offer, it’s probably time to check and make sure that your opt in (aka freebie or lead magnet) are also up-to-date with what you offer.
  3. Update your nurture sequence — when someone signs up for your email list you probably share who you are, what you do, and all that good stuff. Make sure to go through all of your emails and make sure that you’ve updated all that info so that new subscribers know that they’re in the right place.
  4. Update your CRM — when a new lead reaches out or a client needs a new package, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve updated your packages, proposals and canned emails. Also double check your workflows in case you’ve made any process changes.
  5. Share the pivot — time to actually share the change! Make sure over the next month or so to share this update on all platforms that you publish content. You want to make sure that everyone who follows you knows what you do and if they don’t fit that ICA (ideal client avatar) then they’ll stop following (which is a good thing!).

Wrapping it up

Any kind of pivot you make in your business, whether it’s a service offering or who you work with, is a big deal and should be celebrated! It means that you’re really listening to the deep needs and desires your clients and ideal clients are having.

Drop a comment below if you’ve pivoted at all since starting your business and what your biggest lesson or takeaway was during the process!

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