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5 ways to know it’s time to hire an OBM


You’ve been working hard to get your business to where it is, to a place where you’re killing it with your clients and bringing in the money that you’ve dreamed you’d someday get to. You’re wanting to start focusing more on the big picture and the work that only you can do, like strategizing with your client, designing an eye-catching mood boards, and perfecting your skills in Adobe.

You’re starting to consider hiring an OBM (online/operations business manager) to help you step into the CEO role of your business.

However, you’re hesitant because you don’t know yet how having an OBM on your team will benefit you.

Over at Bonnie Bryant Creative, I’m sharing 5 clues it’s time to hire an OBM for your creative business — head on over to read the whole post.

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