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3 Myths behind hiring an OBM


Hiring doesn’t have to be scary. Sure it can be overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for (or who), and letting someone into your business on such a deep level can be intimidating. I get it, I really do, it’s a huge step to take in your business, especially when it comes to hiring an OBM.

A quick recap on what an OBM is: they’re an online or operations business manager. They’re the strategists, your sounding board, and right-hand woman. They take the vision you’ve created for your business and create the plan for how to accomplish it, then hand the implementation and execution of it over to the team, while making sure everyone is on track and feels supported. They see all of the moving pieces of your business and make sure the gears keep moving and help keep you focusing on the big picture and doing the things that only you can do. While OBM’s each have their own specialty and focus, that is the gist of what they all do. Some will have backgrounds and offer marketing or social media support, while others (like me (luxandvita.com/services)) offer project management or design-related support in addition to the systems and process support.

So let’s dive into 3 myths behind hiring an OBM!

Myth #1— I have to be organized before I can hire an OBM

False. You can absolutely have systems in place and be organized, or you can have utter chaos. Your OBM is the one who will help get you organized. They may not be the one to actually put the plan into place, but they’re create the systems for how everything will be created/executed.

Myth #2 — I’ll have to train them

True and false. Just like any new team member, there will be a certain level of training that will need to take place so that they understand your needs and current processes. However, they’ll take their experience and expertise and mold it to the way you run your business. You will need to show your OBM in the beginning how you run things if you have a specific process for how something gets done. Past that initial onboarding, your OBM will most likely be the one creating your new systems and processes in the future.

Myth #3 — I don’t need an OBM, I just need a couple VAs or sub-contractors

False. When starting out that may work just fine. But if you’re looking to step into the CEO role of your business and stop managing your team, you’re going to need someone to take on that role. Depending on the skills of your OBM, they may also act as a project manager, and be able to manage your team. An OBM will often create the plan or strategy for a project, and then hand it off to the team to implement it.

There are a lot of more reasons around how an OBM can help you grow your business, so stay tuned for more posts about how hiring an Online/Operations Business Manager may be someone you need on your team.

If you’re curious to see what an OBM could do for your business, let’s hop on a call and chat!

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