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How to create a custom Gmail email signature

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Creating an email signature is something I get asked about a lot actually, a lot of people want to know how I created my email signature because it’s got my photo in it. So today I figured I’d share with you a quick tutorial on how to create a custom gmail signature. Having a customized email signature is a great way to show more of your personality, give those you’re emailing a peek at your beautiful face, and share a little bit more about you/your business.

One thing that I do need to say is to not make your email signature crazy. What do I mean by that? Don’t go and add every single place you’ve ever been featured or tons of links. It makes it a bit overwhelming, and depending on the email provider it’ll show your photos as attachments (which can get wicked annoying if you’re actually sending them an attachment). If you’re dead set on adding where you’ve been featured as a way to boost credibility, add 3 max (and make sure they’re small) or even better, add a link to a page on your website that showcases them in full.

I personally like simpler signatures and do click on the links they provide. It’s a great chance to share your website, social media platforms, or add a few of the most common requested links (i.e. access to their client portal or schedule a call with you). I’ve had several clients use the link in my email signature to a schedule call with me rather than emailing me asking to schedule a call because they saw it was there!

How to create your custom Gmail signature

  1. Create new Google Doc
  2. Insert > Table > 2×1
  3. Add your desired headshot to the left column (I put my headshot in a circle using Illustrator, but you can do that in Photoshop or Canva)
  4. Add your signature text to the right column
  5. Format the signature to look the way you’d like it to (i.e. fonts, sizes, links, colors)
  6. Resize and the column as needed
  7. To remove the table border, click on each of the border lines (shift + click to batch do it) then click the border width icon and set to 0pt

Here’s a quick peek at what it will look like:

How to add your email signature to Gmail

  1. Gmail > Settings > Settings > General > Signature
  2. Select the whole table you just created, copy and paste into the signature setting in Gmail
  3. Save changes

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