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3 Tools You’ll Want to Use Today


One of my favorite types of blog posts to read are the ones where people share their favorite tools, programs, and communities. I love them because most of the time I’ve never heard of them and then they become my favorite things!

Whenever a friend recommends something that they love and how much it has changed or improved their life, I tend to drop what I’m doing to check it out. Why? Because when they recommend something to me, I know it’s something that will be worth my time or money because they know me and what I need or have been wanting.

The same goes with when other entrepreneurs recommend tools, courses or software. I love learning about new things, since not every client I work with uses the programs I recommend, so having an arsenal of options is wicked helpful for me (and them!).

The 3 things I’m loving right now are all great for helping you plan and get stuff done, so let’s dive in!

Write Like a MOFO Community

An exclusive writing and copy coaching community

A year ago I took the course, Copywriting for Creatives to help me with copywriting. Not just for my business, but for my clients as well. At the time it was the best investment I made for my business yet.

Until I learned about the Write Like a MOFO Community.

I found out about the community through one of my clients who had been talking about how much writing she got done for her upcoming launches. She invited me to join one of the writing marathons so I could see what it’d be like if I joined.

Let me tell you something. When I attended my first writing marathon (which is 3 hours long), I wrote…

  • 2 blog posts
  • an email to my list
  • and a week of social media posts

I have never been able to in one sitting, get that much done.

What I love most about this community besides the writing marathons is the feedback I get from Jacq on the content I write. I’m able to use the tools and knowledge I got from the CFC course but pair it with this community. Each time I’ve sat down for the marathon I’ve been able to get so much done — from writing blog posts, emails to my list, and social media to writing the outlines for all of my courses.

Copywriting for Creatives  | Write Like a MOFO Community


My one-stop-shop for scheduling social media

As business owners we all feel the push to have a presence on social media. But even more so, we feel the push to be on all of the platforms that are out there. While I absolutely think you should start with one platform and go from there, there is a really easy way to be on a couple of platforms with minimal effort using something like Later.

I used to use Planoly to schedule all of Instagram posts because I loved the drag and drop format and that I could store hashtags easily. However, after a friend mentioned that they recently moved to Later because of the ability to schedule on multiple platforms, I had to check it out for myself.

With Later you’re able to schedule (on the free plan) all of your Instagram posts, Facebook page posts, and pins on Pinterest.

What this means is that you can now create a post for Instagram, then tweak the copy of that post and share it to Facebook all in one platform. For the most part I keep my captions the same between Instagram and Facebook, unless there’s a specific call to action directing them to the link in my bio. In that case on the Facebook post I just add the direct link. And for Pinterest I’m able to take any new blog posts that I’ve written and share the graphic on Instagram and Facebook then schedule all of the graphics to also go to Pinterest.

It’s been such a big time-saver for me that I’ve moved 3 of my clients from Planoly to Later!


This is an affiliate link – if you sign up for Later using the link above you’ll get an extra 10 posts per month!

My Next 90 Days Planner

Get organized, 90 days at a time

I’ve always loved planners and notebooks, but can never stick with them. I tend to start so strong and then forget to use it because I’ve got Asana and my Google Calendar telling me what to do.

So when a client of mine showed me her newest planner, I knew this one would be different.

This planner is designed to not only help you plan 90 days at a time, but to also remind you of what’s important, simplify your routines, and organize your brain dump chaos.

It doesn’t have any dates in it, so you can start the planner at any time! I got mine in the middle of the quarter so I’m able to plan for the next quarter or start where I am in this quarter.

I love being able to plan by quarter because it keeps me looking ahead in my business, but not so far that I forget what’s coming up in the next week or month. I thought this planner would be the perfect companion to my quarter cal from Lindsay Letters, which helps me combine both goals for the quarter and what’s going on each week/month.

Why do I need a planner and a white board? Well I’m not always at my desk and so I need to be able to take that quarter cal with me. Plus there’s so much more in the planner that I couldn’t do on the whiteboard, which is why I think of the planner and whiteboard as a great combination.

My Next 90 Days Planner | Quarter Calendar

Wrapping it up

I think one of the biggest struggles an entrepreneur (either with a team or solo) faces is not only planning ahead, but also getting things done. Which is why I love sharing tools and resources that I’m loving, because I know how much they’ve improved my life and business! And because of the impact they’ve made not only in my life but in my client’s lives.

I’d love to know if you use Later or a planner to help you plan and schedule for your business — let me know in the comments!

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