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As a business owner, when did you last ask yourself if what you’re doing is actively helping or supporting the life you want? If you want your business to fit your life, then you need to start looking at your systems from a holistic perspective. If I’m being brutally honest, I don’t think pause and […]

How to Create Systems from a Holistic Perspective

Check out the 3 team call types to have that won’t have your team feeling like “this should have been an email”.

3 Types of calls to have with your team

Ready to start thinking about closing up for the holidays? Here’s 4 tips for how to get out of the office.

4 tips to prepare your business to close for the holidays

Check out the 6 books I recommend all online business owners should read to help uplevel your role, manage your finances, and grow your team.

6 Business books to read this year

I’m not normally a touchy feely person. It’s been difficult to let myself understand that part of everything that has been going on is that deep down I’m grieving for what has been lost or missed out on in the last two months. I’m sure that at some point like me, you’ve had to come to terms with what’s going on and face it in your own way. If you’re like me and needed to be told multiple times that it’s okay to not be okay then hear me out.

A gentle reminder during the pandemic

Running a business is hard work, which is why there are 4 systems you need in order to run your business like an OBM.

How to run your business like an OBM

What even is a CEO Day and what do you do with it? There are 4 things I recommend you do each time you have a CEO Day. Plus find out what CEO Day is and why you need to start implementing one right now.

Uplevel your business with a weekly CEO Day

If you’re considering making a pivot in your business, there’s a couple things you want to think about before you do. Plus learn what 5 steps you need to take after you’ve decided to make the pivot.

How to pivot your services

Overbooking yourself happens to all of us. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, it often leads to overwhelm. I’m diving into 8 things to do when this happens… without resorting to hiring someone right away.

8 Things to do when you’re overwhelmed and overbooked

Over on the Rising Tide Society blog today I’m talking about 4 tips to give you wild productivity. I used to be a hot mess, disorganized and unable to get work done. Now that I’ve implemented these 4 things, I’ve been able to hit new productivity levels, and help my clients get there as well.

4 Tips for Increasing Productivity

Grab the Readiness Assessment to determine if you’re ready to add a Project or Operations Manager to your team.

Take your time back

Grab the Readiness Assessment to determine if you’re ready to add a Project or Operations Manager to your team.

Take your time back